Window Replacement Tip Sheet

Checklist for What to Watch Out for when Replacing Windows:
Determine if it is time to Replace your Windows

  • Draft test – do your windows allow cold air into the house?
  • Inspect the caulking on the outside of the window, is it dry and cracked?
  • Examine the quality of weather stripping, are pieces missing?
  • Check windows for ease of operation; do they stick?
  • Ensure the healthiness of your frames; is anything bent?
  • Can you see through the glass, or is their moisture trapped inside?

The Problems with Leaky Windows…

Moisture can lead to rot, mold, and associated issues that undermine comfort and structural integrity.

“Moisture is your home’s greatest enemy.”

If your windows no longer provide a waterproof barrier between indoors and out, or filter out noise, it may be time to replace them with new ones that will complement your home’s architecture, reduce your energy bills, increase your comfort, and promote peace and quiet. The windows themselves may have failed, or the problem may be due to improper installation.

Replacing windows is an expensive proposition that includes not just the price of the windows but the cost of expert installation to ensure that the windows perform as promised.

One important detail to watch out for is when a wood window is replaced with a vinyl window, the old window is not totally removed. On a double hung window, both old sashes are removed along with the screen track. The new vinyl replacement window is measured to fit inside the frame of the old window. This means you will have less actual window to look out of. If this is a concern, then there is another option.

Want to avoid the headaches of trying to do this install yourself?

Consider having a contractor visit your home for an estimate for new frames, especially if If the original frame is rotted or significantly out of square, a new-construction window may be your only option to prevent further damage.

This is a good time to look over all your windows in your house because if you decide to go with a contractor, replacing multiple windows will cost you less per window than installing just one or two.

A good contractor will provide windows that come with a product warranty while the company stands behind its work with a Satisfaction Guarantee.

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